Keeping a pace is one of the most important aspects to improving your running. But, just about all runners have a hard time  determining and keeping their pace. Running pace is simply the  consistent, average speed that you run over a given distance. Let’s take  a look at some techniques to running a steady pace.

  1. Training

It is very important that you are consistent with your training. As a beginner, if you put in the miles  for running, you will be training your body to adapt to longer and  faster runs. The key here is that in your training, you learn the limits  of your body. You also have several chances to reset the limits as you  improve. Keep training so that you can learn to pace yourself.

  1. Know Your Distance

For any run that you want to pace train, you should know the distance. It doesn’t matter if you  measure by miles, kilometers, or number of steps you take. As long as  you know your distance, you can begin to determine the speed of your  pace to successfully cover the distance you have planned.

  1. Plan Ahead

As a runner, if you plan ahead, it means to know where you are running. and, that means the details of  distance. For example, if you plan a 5 mile run, do you know where you  will be when you have hit 1 mile? If not, you should figure that out.

  1. Use a Watch

When going out on a run, wear a watch. This is helpful in many ways, but, most importantly, it is a  check-in device. Given that you already know your distance, you can  break down your pace easily. For example, if you have a five mile run  planned and you want to run a 10 minute per mile pace. You know that you  will be running for 50 minutes. You also need to check your watch when  you hit 1 miles to make sure you are on pace.

  1. Adapt to all Conditions

As a runner, anything can happen when you hit the road or trail. You could feel tired, you  could feel energized. Or, it may rain, or you hit every red light. Be  flexible and adapt. If you aren’t going to hit your pace, adjust on the  run and have fun. Remember, learning how to pace takes time. As your body gets better  at it, you will find yourself able to run further and stronger.