Running shoes can be expensive and if you don’t buy the correct shoes, it can cause injuries. It is best to thoroughly research on what type of shoe that fits best for you. Here are 7 things you need to know when buying running or jogging shoes:

  1. Buy from a running specialist shoe store. The salespersons are usually experts with running equipment as most of them tend to run in their spare time.
  2. Make sure you are clear on what you want and ask the salesperson for their opinion. If they don’t give you a reasonable response, then its best to find another shoe store.
  3. Make sure the shoe has enough cushion in them while being flexible. A lot of the cheaper shoes has excellent cushion but are not flexible. Your shoes need to be flexible around the toe area so you can propel your body forward.
  4. Measure each foot before putting the shoes on. Some people have feet that are not of the same size.
  5. Walk and run around with the shoe on. You need to make sure that it feels good on your feet when trying it on.
  6. The shoes shouldn’t pinch your toes or be too tight around the sole. Normally, shoes can be broken into but running shoes has to be a perfect fit the moment you place them on your feet.
  7. Buy from well known designer brand and not from a cheap generic brand. Nike and Adidas are excellent and quality shoe brands.