Many people never realize what happen if they buy wrong running shoes. Here are the tips from Brooks shoes to avoid mistakes before wearing running shoes:

  1. Inappropriate Running Shoes and Clothing

With incorrect type of Brooks shoes, one can get various painful injuries on the feet, joints, knees and hips. It is the shoes that steps on uneven ground or rocky roads that might cause injury without the proper support of Brooks shoes to your feet. Always remember to wear comfortable clothes when running with running shoes, specifically wear a cloth that was made for running.

  1. More farther, more better result

Beginners always get too excited when they start running at the first time. Sometimes, they take farther distance when running. They think more farther more better for their body. In fact, as it is the first time, they will have an injury because of the over-running.

  1. Doing diet before and after running

People do running because they want to burn fats and calories. That’s why they don’t eat properly before and after running. This is not the right way. People must eat some carbohydrate before running to provide energy which is needed during running time. After running, people must take right amount of protein to rebuild the body-muscles from  make One of the reasons why people run is because they want to lose weight by burning fats and the wear and tear of exercising. Also, regular intake of water while running is needed, to prevent  dehydration.

  1. Wrong Upper Body Posture

Some runners let their arms swing side-to-side and keep their arms close to their chest. With these positions, runners will be difficult to breathe, get tired easily, and feel pain in arms, neck and shoulders areas. Prevent this by keeping your hands at the level of your waist and let it slide through your hips when running. Your elbows should be at your sides and your arms at a 90 degree angle from your elbows.

  1. No Warm Ups or Stretching

Beginners always do these mistakes. By doing warm ups or stretching, they will help the muscles loosen up for exercise, prevent leg cramp and over fatigued muscles which will cause after pains. Do warming up and stretching a few minutes before running to prevent this event from happening.

Remember to avoid these 5 mistakes, so all of you could have an exciting running in a safe way.