A good foundation will keep you standing. Do you ever recall a teacher or someone else telling you to sit straight and not slouch your back?

Well, whoever they were, they were right; a proper posture is a significant part for our overall health. Having an improper posture can exhaust and wear at your joints and muscles. Our bodies perform best when we are positioned in the proper form.

Thus, having a proper form can help to reduce weariness and pain associated with an improper positioning of the skeletal frame. But wait a second, hold the phone, aren’t you at a website that has something to do with flat feet? But of course you are, flat feet have lots to do with having an improper posture! 🙂

When your feet are misaligned, this misalignment carries through to the top of your body as well. When a foundation (your feet in this case) is crooked, the top of a structure will be crooked as well. So if you have flat feet, it makes it more difficult to keep a proper posture without the aid of quality shoes and/or insoles.

Now, a part of having an improper posture is due to bad habit. This habit really needs to go because if you continue keeping an improper posture, your muscles may re-calibrate themselves to be built around your skeleton in this way. That’s not good, since this will only make it harder to get back into proper shape, and I’m not just talking about working out here, I’m mainly referring to your skeletal frame.

Furthermore, when performing a workout, having your skeleton aligned properly can help you exercise and lift better, look better, and reduce your chances of injury. It also helps you to work and build your muscles in a proportionate manner in order for you to reduce the experiencing of strains and unnecessary pain. The same concept can be applied in our everyday lives.

When we position ourselves in the proper form, this helps us look better, feel better, and reduce our chances of injuries. A proper posture can also help you to expand your lungs better for your breathing, improve your digestion, and help with better blood flow. Optimizing these attributes in your body can actually help you in other areas such as having a clearer mind, having more energy, and feeling better overall.

Don’t let flat feet ruin your posture, start at the foundation and reinforce what is necessary first – your feet.