Brain Power! As I have written in my previous blog, flat feet can impact many parts of your body, not just your feet. The foundation of your body, the feet, should be properly supported in order for your body to better function. Our feet are designed to have arches to support the weight of our bodies and the proper alignment of our skeletal frame.

Now, how can flat feet affect your mind? Simple, your mind is affected by the overall well-being of your body. When you are experiencing pain, either in the feet, the knees, back, or just about anywhere else in your body, this causes a distraction for your mind. Pain is actually very helpful for our bodies, this may sound strange but it’s true. The key purpose of pain is to indicate that something is wrong. When your body hurts, anywhere, the nerves send a signal to your brain to let it know that something is wrong in that part of the body. If there are constant signals of pain going to your brain, this could become quite a distraction, as it should. This only shows that the purpose of pain in your body is functioning properly.

As discussed in an earlier blog, “Feet are the foundation of your body,” having a proper posture can do many things for your overall health. Again, when the feet are having trouble aligning your skeletal frame properly because of the lack of arch support, pain can occur in several areas of the body. This pain can occur in the feet, knees, hips, and back, all of which are not pleasant experiences to say the least. Reliving pain caused by flat feet and providing arch support can help a person have more peace of mind and improve their health.

It’s all really like a big chain effect. It starts from the feet, carries into the knees, hips, and spine, causing the body to have difficulty in having a proper alignment. As the lungs are affected by an improper posture, the mind will be also. Since your brain requires a good amount of oxygen to function optimally, putting strain on your lungs will also put strain on the clarity of your thinking. It’s true, try going outside for some fresh air to clear your mind. Your mind is cleared by inhaling a proper amount of oxygen because it helps to fuel your brain.

So why not take a step to better clarity of mind and help support your body’s foundation? They’re your feet, treat them well and they will serve you well.