The National Foot Health Assessment 2012 stated that 78% of adults ages 21 and older have experienced foot “accidents” and other problems in their lives; do you know how many of them were caused by flip-flops?

About $62 million worth of patients…that’s about 200,000 people. Yes, you may say that flip-flops have been in business since ancient Roman times and you can never be unhappy when you wear flip flops; well, until you sprain your ankle of course. But times have changed. Instead of soft surfaces like grass, sand, and gravel, we now have walkways made of asphalt and concrete; we all know how painful these surfaces are, right? They are harsh and very tough on bare feet (flip-flops are pretty much “bare feet”) and flip-flops do so little when it comes to absorbing the shock when we walk on these harsh surfaces.

So let us now talk about human anatomy for just a quick moment. When we stand upright, our feet are our first point of contact with the ground, and our alignment of our feet and the surface we walk on is our base for our entire body and body alignment. Flip-flops are very thin, and do not provide any support in the arch of the foot to maintain a correct body alignment; this, my friends, will lead to a shift in your spine and the rest of your body (especially your ankles, knees, hips, and back) and a misalignment in your body will cause you massive pain.

How Flip Flops Can Impact Flat Feet

Now, let’s talk flat feet. No matter what kind of flat feet you have your arch and its tendons do not keep your body aligned due to flexibility and strength. Your ankles are already slightly twisted into the inside of your feet, and most likely, you are already experiencing pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and your back. Flip flops will not help you in this situation – you are making your situation even worse if you decide that flip-flops are your primary shoe of wear (especially during summer). People start walking with heels first no matter if they have flat feet or not, with no support and unbalanced flip-flops accidents like sprains, twists, and tumbles are in some cases inevitable; especially if you have flat feet because the arch is not strong to begin with and will not be able to support body alignment, balance and in some cases even coordination.

If you have flat feet your feet can already not balance your body and align your spine with the surface you are walking on as it is due to simple anatomy of the human body and flip-flops shift body alignment of any person – so combine the two phenomena and what do you get? Pain, aches, and many accidents! So why chose flip-flops?

I am not saying boycott all flip-flops of the world, I’m just explaining what can happen when you combine flat feet and flip-flops…both when men and women alike wear them.

But for the fans of flip-flops who refuse to change and wear shoes with a deep cup, supporting arch, and enough room in the toes, I would recommend at least investing into brands of flip-flops that do have arch support, a thicker sole, and with some support of the foot to help you reduce the pain that comes with flip-flops and hopefully will save you from common flip-flop accidents like sprained ankles and maybe even the more serious ones like broken bones.