So, its spring and you can’t wait to get outdoors and use your new running shoes but the weather is not friendly to them. Yes, it’s true and unfortunate that winter weather is very rough on running shoes and chances are high that within no time, they might age. Again, they might look very old, thanks to the spring thaw that creates water as well as mud all over. However, you don’t have to worry yourself because there is something you can do to make your running shoes look lovely. The following tips would do them justice.

Clean them after wearing

It’s essential to ensure that your running shoes are always clean after you’ve come back from running because if you don’t, they’ll be dirty and that alone is enough to make them worn out faster than you can imagine.

As you know, spring brings with it rain as well as sun and be warned; the most dangerous thing for your running shoes is water. If you don’t believe me, try to prove me wrong tonight by leaving your shoes overnight in a swimming pool and see what happens to them when you wake up the following morning. In the same way, a wet environment will cause trouble to your running shoe and they will wear and tear within no time.

How to Clean Running Shoes

In short, keep them in a dry place after cleaning because if you hang them outside, the wet environment of spring will destroy the structure of your running shoes, thanks to the moisture that remains locked in the fiber of your hard-earned shoes. If you thought that salt and mold are the only enemies of shoes, then you haven’t known what water can do to its fibers.

As you know, spring does not only come with moisture, but also rain, which means that paths, roads, and streets that we run on are filled with water as well as mud putting your running shoes in a more dangerous situation. Your shoes will pick up mud, salt, grime and other chemicals if not water from wherever place you chose to take a run, which will damage both its structure as well as its appearance too.

Apart from the elements that I have mentioned above, thawing water also carries other elements like icy chips and pebbles. Icy chips can be dangerous to your running shoes because it scratches and scrapes it. As for pebbles, they will stick in the soles while mud will turn the color of your shoes and make them look brown. The biggest mistake you can do is to keep them in this condition.

Since the only option is to keep them clean, I would give you the quickest and easy way to do just that. After you’re done with the run, brisk brushing off the entire shoe would save it a great deal. This is the most recommended way to clean them because it does it well whether they’re wet or dry. To remove debris from the soles, a toothbrush would do it well. Well, now you know how to keep your running shoes look new and last longer. Let’s maintain the integrity of our shoes.

Dry them

It’s advisable that you keep your running shoes dry after cleaning them. Be sure to remove the insoles and if possible, stuff the shoes with newspaper, which will not only reduce the drying time but also reduces the chances of penetration of water into the shoes because more water will be absorbed. Again, stuffing is done to help your shoes stay in good shape. For speed drying process, a fun would be the best but don’t think of putting them on a radiator or a hot air device. All in all, keep your shoes in dry place always.

Alternating method

Another simple way to increase the lifespan of your shoes is to have several pairs so that you can put them on rotation. In that way, there would be enough time for them to dry when you clean them. Furthermore, their lifespan as well as appearance will improve a great deal.

Try to have as many pears as possible so that you decrease the wear on each pair. If possible, have at least seven pairs so that you wear one on each day of the week and you’ll be surprised at how long they will last. You can have different colors and styles since there are varieties in the market. You can buy different styles depending on your outdoor activities whether normal walking, hiking, biking… and so on.

Still, having many pairs have many benefits both on the side of the shoe and on the side of you too. For instance, when you wear the same shoe on a daily basis, it would mean that it rubs the same sport all the time but when you change pairs, it will help in cutting down blisters because the sports rubbed will be different. Start by buying the one that fits your style and fashion then expand later on and as you continue doing that, you’ll soon have clean running shoes.