There are various methods of treatment which help to cure plantar fasciitis effectively. They include heat therapy, Physiotherapy, medicines and surgery. The method of treatment depends on the severity of the condition. Timely identification of the symptoms and treatment is essential for quick recovery from this condition. This article gives an overview of the various treatment methods.

Rest: The first step in the treatment for plantar fasciitis is to give complete rest to the heel. You have to avoid activities like walking and running for some time. This will help in reducing the pain and swelling in the heel.

Icing: This is a conservative method to cure plantar fasciitis which involves icing the affected area for some time. This will help in reducing the swelling in the heel.

Padding: You can apply a good padding under the heel that will act as a cushion and prevent any further damage to the plantar fascia tissue.

Appropriate shoes: You should select the right kind of footwear especially the one with more cushion at the heel which will provide more stability and balance for the foot. Also, using motion control shoes will help in exerting lesser pressure to the heel and avoid further damage to the plantar fascia tissue.

Night Splints: You can use night splints that help in keeping your heel at an elevated level which also helps in restricting the pressure on the heel when you sleep.

Medical help: It is always better to meet a doctor when you have plantar fasciitis, as physicians can effectively assess the extent of damage to the plantar fascia tissue and suggest the right method of treatment to cure plantar fasciitis. The various methods of treatment adopted by doctors include pain killer medicines, steroid injections, shock wave therapy, exercises and surgery. But surgery is only the last option as there is no guarantee that it will cure plantar fasciitis completely.