To acquire running shoes, you must be ready to spend dearly especially these days because of the modern integration of flat rubber soles and canvass uppers. That makes them pieces of high tech equipment.

It’s therefore necessary for runners to find ways of making their shoes last longer so that they save or cut on regular spending on replacement. If you’re one of the runners who would want to know how to prolong the lives of you’re running shoes, just read along and find out.

First, if you’ve bought a running shoe at $100, that’s an expensive gear, which needs to be protected for it to last longer. The best way to do that is by limiting the usage by wearing cheap shoes while you’re not running. If for instance you’re just going for a normal walk, wear some cheap shoes or rubber sandals. Preserve your running shoes for running alone and don’t use it while you’re doing other things like going shopping.

Avoid drying your running shoes in the sun. Instead, you should put them at a spacious place that is well ventilated like your garage. The running shoes are neither easy to dry nor clean because their materials are resistant to moisture… but the baking effect of the hot sun makes it disintegrate faster than you can imagine.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Running Shoes

Use as short time as possible when you’re washing your running shoes to reduce chances of water absorption and that will prolong its life a great deal. After washing, take out the inner liner to dry separately. In that way, the shoes will breathe adequately. Be sure to lose all the laces in order to let out the moisture easily.

Ensure that you store them in an open air with adequate ventilation, which not only help to maintain its flexibility but also keeps its cushioning intact. Avoid storing moist shoes under the trunk of a car that is parked in the sun because that causes its damage.

Clean your shoes manually and avoid dipping them in water. To reduce its exposure to water, wash every section at a time with a toothbrush. Don’t even think of using a wet dryer circle because it will destroy the leather as well as space grade foams in the modern shoes.

Using the rotation method whereby you buy several pairs and use them alternately will prolong the lifespan of all your running shoes. This is because you not only reduce the wear on each one of them, but you also minimize the number of times you wash it. Furthermore, each pair will have enough time to dry up completely.