There are various effective methods of treatment available to cure plantar fasciitis, but as per the old proverb it is always better to prevent rather than take up the treatment procedures which are quite complex.  The inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue near the heel is the main cause for this condition.  The other causes for this condition are overweight, overstraining, walking /running on uneven surfaces and wearing inappropriate foot wear. Looking at the above reasons, it is clear that it is easy to prevent rather than to cure plantar fasciitis. Let us have a look at the various preventive measures that help to avoid this condition.

Overweight: This is one of the major causes for plantar fasciitis, because if you are overweight you tend to put more pressure on your heel and this may lead to the damage of the plantar fascia tissue. It is very important for such people to have a tab on their weight and keep themselves fit by doing various exercises.  They should also do various warm up and stretching exercises when they get up in the morning. This will help in providing the required flexibility to tendons like the Achilles tendon which help in balancing the body.

Appropriate Foot wear: Wearing the right kind of shoes for your activities like walking, running etc. will go a long way in preventing plantar fasciitis. You have to choose the right kind of shoes based on the shape of your foot.  Always wear shoes that have a good cushion on the heel. Wearing proper footwear will provide more stability to your foot and reduce the chances of injury.

Other preventive measures: The other preventive measures for plantar fasciitis include avoiding walking/running on uneven surfaces and overstraining because both these activities exert more pressure on the heel and may lead to a possible damage of the plantar fascia tissue.

Following the above mentioned preventive measures help you to avoid this condition instead of taking the complex treatment methods to cure plantar fasciitis.