In the world of running, it’s widely believed that the longest a running shoe can do is 500 miles and after that, the only option is buying a new pair to replace it. As a runner, your shoes can only reach the maximum number of miles – 500 – if you’re an average sized runner but if you’re a heavier runner, your running shoes will need a replacement after even 100 or 200 miles.

Nevertheless, if you’re a serious runner and you do it every day for long hours, replacing your running shoes after every two months or less would cost you a lot of money. That makes it necessary to look for ways of making them last longer, clean and newer.

Cheap sneakers

If you ask the experts, they would tell you that it’s not recommended for a serious runner to buy inexpensive running shoes because they’re not of high quality. Inexpensive sneakers and running shoes lack the desirable features that the better and expensive designs have.

Even though I am not a subscriber of the belief that you only get what you pay for, sometimes cheap shoes might prove to be more expensive than you think because you’ll have to replace them within a very short time. Furthermore, they increase your chances of getting accidental injuries because they might lack enough support and comfort.  Because not everybody can afford expensive shoes, just buy what you’ve budgeted for.

We’re all looking for an opportunity to save some dollars. All you can do is buy a pair of running shoes at a logical price and take good care of it so that it lasts longer. In that way, you save some money.

How to make your running shoes last longer

Preserve them for running only. It’s true that you might be tempted to wear them most of the times because they’re very comfortable as well as stylish but only use them while you’re jogging or running. The more you wear them, the quicker they wear out and vice versa. When you wear them most of the times, the cushioning of the insole as well as the inside lining of the shoes will gradually wear out at the same rate that you’re using them. Again, the linings of your running shoes can be torn when you wear them most of the times and in that way, there would be instability, which puts your leg or foot at risk of getting accidental injuries.

While you’re at home, wear sandals or some soft comfortable shoes and when you just want to take a walk around the neighborhood, wear a nice pair of walking shoes so that you save the expensive running shoes for running only.

Ensure that you handle your running shoes with a lot of care so that you don’t abuse them. When you’re taking them off, do that carefully by first unlacing because if you pull them off, the shoes’ material will stretch and therefore they won’t fit your feet. In short, handling your running shoes carelessly when you’re wearing and taking them off stretches the material, making them to be torn or stretched. In fact, many running shoes wear out faster due to this reason.

Extend the Life of Your Running Shoes

Don’t expose them to a direct source of heat

There are two main reasons your running shoes can get wet. First, it might be because you’ve washed them and secondly, it might be because of the rains while you were out running. Whatever the case, you must not dry them in a direct heat like the hot sun or on top of radiator. In case you expose them to a direct source of heat, the material of the shoe will integrate. Instead, remove the insoles as well as the laces and then place them in an open air to dry out… the best method so far. To reduce the drying time, stuff your shoes with newspapers and in that way, the excess moisture is absorbed, which makes them dry faster.

Have multiple pairs

For you to prolong the lifespan of your shoes, try to reduce the wear by having multiple pairs so that you wear them in rotation. If possible, have each pair per each day of the week so that they have enough time to dry out, breath and restore their shapes before their turn comes.

Proper storage

If you store your running shoes properly, then they’ll last for ages. It’s recommended that you store them in a cool, dry place. For instance, you can place them on a rack when they’re still wet or when completely dry to allow the air to circulate throughout the material including the bottom of the shoes. The last thing you can do is keep them in a place with moisture or direct heat. Don’t keep them in a sweaty plastic bag or under a trunk of a car that is directly exposed to sunlight because that will destroy their material.

Wash your shoes properly

The best method to clean your running shoes is by hand washing them but be sure not to dip them in water. First, remove the dirt and mud by using a soft brush – a toothbrush would be an ideal – and then wash the entire shoe. Don’t even think of washing them using hot water or putting them in a washing machine.

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A decent pair of running shoes should cost you around $50 to $120. If you can afford it, I would advice that you go for the one with the higher price because they come with more desirable features that will help improve your performance.

The cheapest running shoes cost between $25 to $40 but chances are high that they are poorly designed and do not offer you enough comfort as well as support that you’ll need while running.