As a runner, to get the most of your running activity, a good pair of running shoe is critical. The type of running shoes you purchase should be that which is designed for your type of running. Shoe manufactures design each running shoes in accordance with the intended purpose and needs of a particular type of running activity. It’s advisable that you buy many pairs so that each time you want to go for a run, all you do is chose the type of shoes that suits your terrain.

Again, I would encourage you to have more than one pair for every run so that you rotate them. In that way, each pair would have humble time to dry out while you’re using other pairs. Even if it’s not raining, the shoes need time for the sweat to dry out. If you have different types of shoes designed for different purposes, you’ll be able to run on different terrain comfortably and safely, which means high performance. Today, I will discuss briefly the main types of running shoes.

Know the Different Types of Running Shoes

Trainers shoes

If you’re looking forward to running everyday and for long hours, these are the best shoes for you because they come with maximum cushioning to provide support and comfort for almost all types of feet. They come in heavy weight as well as lightweight version. If you pronate or supinate too much, the heavier version of trainers is your ideal because it provides maximum cushioning to ensure maximum support and comfort. For runners who don’t pronate or supinate too much, light weight trainers are their ideal shoes because they have less weight due to reduced padding.

Cross trainers shoes

These types of running shoes are mad for more contact with the wider surface of the ground and they will help you have control in both stop and go situations as well as when you’re going side to side. As you know, side to side movements makes you vulnerable and increases your chances of rolling the ankle and therefore, these types of shoes are designed to offer the best support of the ankle.

Trail runners shoes

These running shoes are more less the same with the cross trainers but the only difference is that they’re modified to minimize slip on whatever surface and therefore, they’re ideal to use in all weather conditions. They are designed to maximize the protection of your ankle and therefore you can comfortably use them in uneven surfaces.

Racing shoes

There are many types of racing shoes and each type is designed to be used in a particular surface. Because they’re designed to allow for maximum speed, they’re very lightweight. In fact, a racing shoe is half the weight of a standard trainer. If you want to maximize on performance, racing shoes give you more than that. In the racing shoe category, spikes are also included. Typically, spikes are racing shoes and their soles are fitted with metal spikes in order to provide grip.

Spikes are only the best shoes to be used in soft and smooth surfaces like racing tracks and such like surfaces. So. Avoid using them on the road because you’ll not only feel uncomfortable, but they’ll also wear out within no time.

Walking shoes

This is a broad category includes all types of shoes that are not meant for running. They’re designed to offer you maximum comfort while you’re walking but if you want to run, leave them alone.

Barefoot shoes

Typically, a barefoot shoe is a foot glove, which hugs your foot and you’ll feel like you’re running barefoot. It’s advisable not to use them when you’re running on rough surfaces.

Each type of shoe is designed to serve a different purpose and therefore, make sure you chose the right one that will make you comfortable during your outdoor activities.