Well, for us to answer that question, we would have to assess both the running shoes and training shoes based on design, inbuilt features as well as the performance of the shoes in question. Again, it would be hard to answer that question without examining the kind of activities that the shoes can be used for. If the sole reason why you want to buy a pair of shoes is running, then you don’t need to be any expert to know that you need running shoes. If you need shoes for various activities, then a nice pair of cross training shoes is your ideal choice. Concerning the decision making, read along and find out more.

Running Shoes

All running shoes are designed to facilitate swift forward motion. They’re also designed to maximize flexibility during the run and they’re supposed to fit tightly around the toes to avoid any movement of toes. Their thicker heels and soles aid in propelling the runner and that same feature makes the shoes to have enough strength to bear the weight of the runner.

Cross Training Shoes

Cross training shoes are designed with much emphasis put on the provision of support and therefore they have a wider base but focus is not directed at enhancing flexibility. In short, these shoes are not flexible but provide adequate support. Even though cross training shoes aren’t flexible, they can provide enough support for running but by design, they’re multi-task oriented.

Comparisons Between Running Shoes and Cross Training Shoes

Going by the design, cross training shoes are best at offering several of lateral movements that are associated with activities such as aerobic as well as racquet sports. By design, they’re not limited to be used in one activity but can be used by anyone participating in almost all kinds of sports. In short, they’re generally athletic shoes.

By design, running shoes are specifically meant for running and chances are high that when you use them in other activities, you won’t feel comfortable. For sprinters and walkers, running shoes are your ideal choice because they offer maximum flexibility around the toe area. In general, running shoes have very thick cushioning in order to protect the runners from injuries that might result from the constant transfer of energy to the ground from the feet and legs.


The difference between these two different types of shoes is very clear. If you only intend to run, then you should buy high quality running shoes. On the same note, if you want to engage in various sport activities, then cross training shoes is your ideal choice.