Whether you are new to trail running or experienced, we can all agree on the fact that the joy running brings to us is incredible in many ways. The breeze of the outdoors, full immersion with nature and not to mention the vast benefits you will gain for your health. But to really make the most of these benefits, the correct pair of Trail Running Shoes is needed. How else can you experience the great outdoors when trail running to its full benefit?

When running trails with all the harsh surfaces, dips, fire rocks and strong weather conditions, careful consideration should be given to your trail running shoes. When your feet are properly protected from the heavy pounding, not only will you run more comfortably and effortlessly, but you will also avoid unnecessary injury. When buying a new pair of shoes, you need to take the following 3 important factors into consideration:

  • Comfort
  • Fit
  • Running Style

Let us look at each in a little more detail.

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Comfort is paramount because you will have these shoes for a while and running on trails regularly, so you need a pair that is comfortable and you’re happy with. A good suggestion would be to try some on in your local sports store (You can purchase it online as you will more than likely make significant savings online). Walk around with the pair of shoes and note how you feel, because only you know what’s comfortable.


You want a pair of trail running shoes that have a snug fit with a little manoeuvrability. It’s obviously that a pair of shoes that are either too big or too small will not only impact your running in a negative way, you’re more likely to pick up injuries that are totally unnecessary.

Running Style

Have a look at your running style which is important. Are you more of a long distance runner or a short distance runner? On longer runs, a stiffer insole with extra support is what you should be looking for and a slightly softer insole if you’re a shorter distance runner. A nice Analogy…I always liked the Automobile analogy. Imagine your body being an automobile with your feet being your tyres, wheels, suspension and brakes. If there is any issue with the wheels, suspension or brakes, the automobile isn’t going to function as it should leading to a potential crash. This should give you an idea of the importance of your trail running shoes.

As a runner your shoes are your most important tools, so always look for comfort and fit before price, because if you try to compromise on price now, the bigger price you pay in the long run will be annoying injuries. And you certainly didn’t take up running to get unnecessary injuries.